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americans are figuring out that it is bad for america and bad for them, so i think we are seeing the pendulum swing back. he is changing the political climate back to republican. greta: so what is the strategy for the republican party as these town halls continue to unfold across the country during this recess? >> this is a groundswell of grass roots people who are ticked off, and that is why we have a democracy. it is not so much of a grand strategy as a and a weakening or a reawakening of the country. xd-- not as much of a grand strategy as a weakening or a we awakening -- or a reawakening of the country. free enterprise, personal responsibility, liberty, and the like, and he is headed in a different direction. greta: they have said this is a little bit like herding cats. as a practical matter, the president and speaker pelosi and the senate majority leader, and they do not even need republican votes to get this passed, so why do they not just go ahead, get there and democrats, and forget about republicans and pass it? then what? >> well, they have the votes to do that, but i t
. i emphasize that they may not be representative of america. their views have to be taken into account. >> there is some disagreement. >> how are we supposed trust you? is there an option to say no to this bill? >> it is not about health care reform or insurance reform. it is about government control. >> i charge you with usurping authority not granted to you as a u.s. senator. >greta: houston, texas a councilwoman answers a cell phone while a cancer survivor asks her a question. >> if you're conscious allows you, what are you doing for america -- >> seriously, really. come on. [unintelligible] >> do you think this is good for america? when does it stop? greta: tracy asked that question and joins us live. was there any explanation by the congresswoman by what happened? >> i did talk to her later, but not about her using the phone. what appeared to be happening was her staff was telling her that there were local political leaders coming to the meeting that he -- that she should talk to. greta: did she pick up the phone in the middle of your question? do you know who she was
future. i wanted this stopped. i don't want it 10 years from now. >> this is about america, remember that. >> i don't have insurance but i don't want health care either. >> yes, we will. >> no, you won't. >> talk to us that don't have health care. >> this is taking away our freedom of choice. the people said that we could have freedom of choice, where is our choice in this? >> a lot of passion although here we saw something that we have not seen before and that is a strong showing from the acorn folks. we have heard about conservative groups trying to get together to organize. our cameras got here after apparently witnesses tell me that acorn sent two busloads of people. one picture in lenticular, this was shown to me from a person who is a local person. -- one picture in particular. there is nothing illegal about that except that it upset the local population. this is a strongly conservative county, they showed up to voice their opinions and ask questions and they felt that they were disenfranchised and they were not able to get their opportunity to comment. they said that the union folk
making america less safe? >> jaycee dugard was found alive -- excuse me -- wasç found lyig in antioch.c@ laura: every parent's nightmare, a kidnapped child. caution,çç you are about to er the no spin zone. ççhi, everyone. i am laura ingraham, reporting tonight for bill o'reilly. now, right to our top story tonight. is the mainstream mediaç trying to use violent it's a critic? some say that is the motivation for -- is the mainstream media trying to silence a critic? >>ç how can theç obama plan cr 50 million patients without any new doctors? it cannot. it will hurt our seniors and medicare as we know it, ration care, ça limited life-çsaving madison -- ration care, limit edicine. laura: abc says that the spot departed and position on a controversial issue,çç which violates its longstanding policy -- says the spot takes a position on controversial issues which violates its longstanding policy. ççalso, some straight talk frm democrats, admitting it is too tough to take on some special interests in the health-care bill, like the trial lawyers. here is what dr/çç
. if we go to that system. everybody in america will be very upset. look at canada. the leading canadian women on health care came out and said that situation is ready to implode. they cannot continue on the way they are going. that is a single payer system. greta: if senator kennedy is unavailable to vote and the democrats have all of these votes, it's going to pass? >> the democrats should be able to pass it because they have an overwhelming majority in the house and the senate. the only people they cannot control of the american people who are expressing their opposition to this type of thing. they have the ability to pass something. there are a lot of democrats who note -- medicare is $38 trillion in unfunded liability. it can go bankrupt within the next 10 years. you look at the budget and the deficit and the other things, outbreak are doubling the budgetary deficit -- we are doubling the national debt within five years and will triple its in 10 years. then they want to add to this the single payer system that is. to cost an arm and leg and will not do the job anyway. -- that is goi
as to a single-payer system. i have to tell you, everybody in america is going to be sad. look at canada. just last week, the leading canadian woman on health care came on and said that situation is ready to implodes. -- to implode. that is a single-payer system up there. greta: let's say the democrats do have all of these votes, is this going to pass? be able toç pass it. that overwhelming majorities in the house, and they have 60 solid votes in the senate. the only people they cannot control his the american people who are showing opposition to this. like i said, there are a lot of democrats who do not want this government plan knowing that, look. medicare is now $38 trillion that could go bankrupt. you look at the budget and the deficits and all the other things that are adding up. we are doubling the budgetary deficit, the national debt within five years, and we will triple in five years -- in 10 years. now, they want to add to this a single-payer system that, basically, is going to cost an arm and a leg and will not do the job anyway. could i say one other thing? greta: yes. >> why woul
questions. they may not be representative of america, but they are significant, and their views have to be taken into account. >> how are we supposed to trust you? i know that is a tough question, but i will make it easy. is there an option to say no to this bill? because it does not seem like you have said anything today. >> it is really not about health-care reform or about insurance reform. it is about government control. >> senator cardin, authority not given to you as a senator. greta: houston, texas, the congresswoman holds a town hall and actually answers herself on as a cancer survivor asks her a question. -- answers to cell phone as a cancer survivor after a question. -- answers her cell phone as a cancer survivor asks her a question. >> seriously. really, i mean, come on. >> you think this is good for america? when does it stop? greta: tracy miller asked that question, and she joins us. tracy, that video looks absolutely horrible. was there any explanation by the congressman about why that happened? >> i did talk to her later, but not about using the phone. her staff or hey
most important asset. investing more inç america's workers is the key to america's future economic success. how many times are theyç not going to pay their utilities?ñ+ this is what we are talking about. hard-working americans that deserve a living wage. this issue is as old as the last 70 years in the united states it, but we have come together at this important time of decency and fairness for working americans. i, for one, am tired of being on the floor of the united states senate, where virtually every member of the united states senate has a good health insurance program, and is subsidized by each and everyone of you that are out there. the torch will be passed again to lay new generation of americans -- to a new generation of americans, so with barack obama and for you and for me, our country will be committed to his cause. the work begins a new. the hope of rises again, and the dream lives on. greta: a true public servants, senator ted kennedy will be buried on friday at arlington national cemetery. next up on "the record," yes, you are going to be livid. of dollars in b
to montana, that is one of the most nra saturated states in america. people take their personal liberties very seriously there. even for someone to stand up and say that i am an nra member, this would normally rattle the roof. i bought that was very revealing. let's assume that it was totally on the up and up and very legitimate. there are still some things that the president said today that are not getting near the target. for example, he continues to use the phrase 47 million. that figure is nonsense. there are a number of people who are uninsured because they don't fill out the forms yet they already qualify for medicaid and medicare. there are 12 million illegal aliens, is the president for to pay for every illegal person? there are a number of people who could afford insurance but they choose not to have it because they would rather have a new track or go to dinner more often. let's be honest about the figure. if we want to cover 5 million americans that cannot have insurance, i don't know anyone who has a problem with that. that is not that difficult. what the president's now wants
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else in america. the unemployment rate went from 4.7% to 15.3%. in fact, local tv stations have started running public service announcements that tell people where to find food banks... even as the food banks don't have enough to meet the demand. as we speak, similar scenes are playing out in cities and towns across america. greta: well, these are the photos the government did not want you to see. they sent terrified new yorkers running for their lives when a 747 buzzed manhattan with a flyover. it was a photo op, and they decided not to let anyone know before it happen. the white house would only release one photo. we knew they had to have more. what photographer only takes one picture? finally, months later, we have them. karl is back. first of all, $300,000 is horrible, but why did they sit on it for three months? >> i do not know, but, look. the photos are fine, he and i can understand they want a good photograph. -- are fine, and i can understand they want a good photograph. greta: they could have photoshopped it. >> yes. they really need to read the emails in the aftermath. everyb
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america is about. we have a vigorous debate. it's not about putting the government in charge of your health care insurance. >> i don't want to see the government involved in health care, period. >> ok. what is it that you think we are going to accomplish if you don't let anybody talk? what is the point. >> it's not even on the table. so,. [[inaudible] >> i don't understand this rudeness. i honestly don't get it do you all think you are persuading people when you shout out like that? >> explain to us why we should believe any of the numbers that are being presented to us here as far as costs? [cheers and applause] greta: we have protests across the country covered and we start with our own griff jenkins at beck nell university in lewisberg, west virginia where specter held a town hall today. >> that's right. there are 350 people packed into an auditorium. another 500 in overflow room and the senator took 30 questions. if i could just address the comments of mr. gibbs, he might want to take note. what i saw here today, greta, was a referendum on washington as much as it was a discussio
. >> america cannot be silent. >> we cannot have this in america. this is not a we stand for. this is not what we are. >> -- this is not what we stand for. >> what do we what? health care. when do we want it? now. >> what is your message today? >> everyone deserves the right to have health care. >> we definitely need health- care reform. >> we need to look into the real problems that people have with their health care when they lose their jobs. then they would see that what we have now is not working. >> we are now ready for questions from the audience. >> the president is saying about people who make $250,000. are you kidding me? seriously? >> mr. cardin, we are so far removed from the philosophy of the founding fathers that if they were here today, we would be talking about one thing, and that is out to get the government out of health care. -- how to the government out of health care. >> greta, that is just a snippet. passions are rising. that was certainly the case here in towson. i asked senator cardin after the meeting if he was surprised, and he said, "i knew i was going to get tough qu
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have this in america. this is not what we are. >> nowhere in the united states constitution are we entitled to free health care. >> health care. what everyone? health care. when do we want it? now. >> everybody has earned the right to health care. >> quality health care should be available for american citizens. >> people should get health care when they lose their jobs. what we have now is not working. >> we now have questions from the audience. >> are you kidding me? >> we are sao far removed from what our founding fathers wanted. and they would say we need to get the government out of health care. [applause] >> the temperatures are not the only things up rising in august. taxes are rising. as spoke with the press secretary. i ask the senator if he was surprised after the meeting. he said he did not know it was going to be like that. he said he would continue with his next town hall in wednesday. back to you. greta: he is very low-key. it is interesting watching the passion of the people giving him the tough questions pearson is so unlike what you would expect there. >> that is a
sides. there was something printed up by organizing for america. there are thousands of these in the stands, so a lot of support. interestingly enough, once the auditorium got going, you could feel the energy. they handed at george washington's rules of civility. in all causes of passion, reason should govern, and i am not so sure that was the case inside or outside. take a look. >> health care now, health care now. >> whoo! >> we came out here. we heard about this. we are, obviously, opposed to the government takeover of health care. >> the fact of the matter is you want to reform the entire health-care system. it is a farce. >> it is outrageous that not every american has health insurance. prove to was that it works, and then we will consider doing it nationally -- proved to us that it works. >-- prove to us. >> the cost is going up exponentially. >> this is a huge amount of money, and we need to be able to look at it rationally. >> we do not need a government option. >> solutions instead of just complaining about what we do not have, and work to being part of the s
line is that republicans believe the quality of health in the -- health care in america is the best in the world. we have to control costs. democrats believe we have to fundamentally change health care. that is why we fundamentally disagree, and i am sorry for the long answer. greta: i am not try to give you extra work. i know how hard you work. this is a bill that is going to transform us. no matter what, it will have a huge impact. president obama has at a town hall invited any member of congress who wants to go to the white house and go through it line by line, how about that? why do you not sign onto that and go through it line by line and all of the other democrats and republicans on the hill? >> i would be glad to, but when you have got an 1100-page bill, i am not sure that the president's time is that will use. i would like him to go line by line over these bills which have earmarks and corruption and pork barrelling, which continues to go on unabated, which promised to do during the campaign. what we need to do, greta, is to sit down with genuine negotiations, where republic
. >> [unintelligible] greta: joining us live is the author of a book "saving freedom, we can stop america from sliding into socialism." that was a rock video. >> i want to thank all of the american people who are going out and showing up at these meetings to let congressmen and senators know what they think. i know they are outraged. mike huckabee was right. i have never seen people more panic about what we are the ones in washington. greta: the issue of health care, whether there should be a single payer or not, in listening to those comments, what does the president want? he says he wants single payer. is it a good idea? that is not what he is pushing right now. >> he is covering it up. he wants a single payer system. charlie rangel wants a government system. people should not be confused. what we are talking about is not fixing health care or not fixing health insurance. it is a government-run system. for years, a number of republicans have been working on reforms to make health insurance work better, cost less, but we can get it the democrats to talk to us about making the system work better. gret
'm sorry for what america has turned into what it's turned into. >> we don't support single -family -- >> that's what obama wants. >> no, it's not what obama wants. >> don't you watch tv? greta: and just coming into fox tonight, brand-new video of a forum on health care getting very fiery in florida. congresswoman katie kester was at the event and got an earful from voters. >> if you'll all listen for five minutes, ok? [yelling] [whistling, applause, booing] >> wrong! wrong answer! greta: president obama's press secretary insists protesters like those are not a grass-roots movement, just astrotough. is the white house trying to stifle freedom of speech, those who just don't agree with them? in a blog at white house.gov, the white house gives an email address where people can report to the white house fishy speech, that is speech that questions the president's health care plan. our own major garrett asked press eaktary robert gibbs what does that mean. >> i was pretty clear that we're not collecting names from those emails. >> what i'm trying to figure out is why ask for them, then.
% of americans are happy with their health care. >> what is wrong with america? >> i want to speak my piece. >> yes, it gets my blood going. >> if you had a chance to talk to barney frank, what would you say to him? >> keep up the good job. >> he represents the government, to eight. that is reverse. i think he should be representing me to the government. he represents the government, to me. -- he represents the government, to m&a. greta: a caller -- to me. >> about 300 people showed up here, a senior citizens -- here, at the senior citizen center. more of what i talked about last week is that we do not want it to go this fast or this deficit spending. the public option, greta, has become the centerpiece. will we have it? will we not? speaker pelosi is saying -- i said to congressman frank, "did you support it?" here is what happens. >> when you vote for a bill that does not have a public option -- here is what happened. >> i hope he will not be offended if i say i do not negotiate with people who do not have votes. >> greta, you know, let me tell you. you know, it was interesting. the iraq
it is really important that people see the essence of america, and today, we look great. greta: it was important to noted that this was not an air force plane, so it did not look like a government mission of any sort. are there any sort of fingerprints from the president obama administration on this other than the green light that the president could go? >> this was all a precooked deal, as ambassador bolton has said. there have been intensive discussions between the obama administration and the north korean in new york, in washington, and through the swedish embassy, so, clearly, this was not president clinton freelancing on his own, which is what jimmy carter did on his own in a previous year. president clinton just followed the script. greta: is there any chance that this could be anything good? i mean,ç it is obviously good that the two journalists are home. maybe we will get lucky and work out some of the things we could not and get strong commitments and a real end to the program put >> the one man, -- and a real and to the program? ç>> we have got to remember tht thi
because i want to preserve america. something happened to three years ago to me. i read the constitution, something i would recommend that our representatives do, because they vowed to upfolded. in my spare time, i go out there, -- because they vowed to uphold it. we are getting ready to do another event on september 5 in cincinnati, and we are already in the works try to double the number of attendees. this is not an anti-obama rally. this is not an anti-tax rally. it is a pro liberty rally. greta: judge napolitano is there. that is interesting, because he is a colleague here. who else showed up? community leaders, citizens who were interested? how do you describe the crowd that showed up? >> we have libertarians, republicans, independents, democrats, and we had a senator from the ohio assembly, there. we also had a ohio representative. there are republicans to violate the constitution. it was president bush who got the first bailout pushed through -- there are republicans who violate the constitution. it is not just the democrats. we want to unify the people. the american people, we ar
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